Welcome to Birdrock Labs

Reference Laboratory in San Diego, CA

Blood, Toxicology and Preclinical Research Services

Preclinical & Research Analytical Services

Birdrock Laboratories is a CLIA and COLA accredited analytical laboratory with extensive experience as a clinical diagnostics provider. We understand that analytical services are a crucial function for many early-stage companies and that the cost for such work can be intimidating, especially when budgets are limited. We aim to provide high-quality, hands-on laboratory service at a manageable rate.

Direct to Consumer Testing

Birdrock Laboratories enables patients to take control of their health care by offering direct access testing. Our CLIA and COLA accredited facility offers unparalleled turnaround time, usually delivering results within 24 hours of receipt of a patient sample.

Birdrock is an in-network laboratory created to meet the changing demands of the medical industry. We focus on what’s important to our providers so they can focus on what’s important to their patients.
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