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Urine Drug Testing for the healthcare professional is more than just a useful tool in pain management. It provides additional valuable objective information to guide and assist in the diagnostic therapeutic decision-making process. Reports from the results of the urine drug tests provide confirmation of the agreed upon treatment plan. Testing can provide the patients proof of adherence and compliance. Testing can also diagnose a possible relapse or drug misuse, which would then warrant and set the stage for a firm conversation with your patient about their medications.

Birdrock Laboratory utilizes the most sophisticated platform for urine testing. We provide an industry standard immunoassay testing, which is fast and used as the preferred initial test. But we go further, running the urine through mass spectrometry as an additional confirmatory test to help eliminate the false-positives and negatives. These are common issues when using the immunoassay testing alone. Birdrock Labs services are designed to better improve patient care by providing the tools to assist the healthcare professional to advocate on the patients behalf.