Preclinical &  Research Analytical Services

Birdrock Laboratories is a San Diego based CLIA and COLA accredited analytical laboratory with extensive experience as a clinical diagnostics provider. We understand that analytical services are a crucial function for many early-stage companies and that the cost for such work can be intimidating, especially when budgets are limited. We aim to provide high-quality, hands-on laboratory service at a manageable rate.

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PBMC Isolation, CLIA & COLA Analytical Lab

We provide a range of functions to meet the needs of the biotech and device markets with special emphasis on the preclinical and research segments.

Method development & validation services

Birdrock is uniquely positioned to aid in developing fit-for-purpose methods by leveraging comparative data from our clinical workflow. Our team of LC-MS/MS and immunoassay experts can develop fit-for-purpose methods to quantify nearly any small or large molecule biomarker. We have extensive experience in robust analytical development including accuracy, precision, linearity, detection limits, stability studies, comparison studies, and more.

Clinical remnant specimens

As a clinical laboratory, all Birdrock’s requisitions include disclosure for informed consent. We are equipped to utilize our patient consented, de-identified, and clinically annotated remnant specimens in the development of novel assays and methods.

Study design project management

We pride ourselves on underpromising and overdelivering. One of the first steps to any undertaking is to seek expert guidance in feasibility. We are happy to discuss any project, free of charge, to ensure that we are the right provider for your needs. If we cannot meet your needs, we will help you find someone that will.

PBMC isolation & cryopreservation

Birdrock is a qualified vendor for peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation and cryopreservation.

24/7, on-site phlebotomy services

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Immunoassays, RT-PCR, microbiology, LC-MS/MS