DTC Test
Terms and Conditions

  • I certify that the specimen and information provided is my own and has not been substituted or adulterated. I authorize Birdrock Laboratories to release the results of this testing to me in a HIPAA-secured, electronic file format. I hereby acknowledge that this test is for informational purposes only; any questions about these results will be directed to my primary healthcare provider.

  • I understand and agree that my leftover specimen and clinical information may be used, without information directly identifying me, for research, education, and other business purposes of Birdrock Laboratories (each a “secondary use” and together “secondary uses”).
  • I understands that this may involve Birdrock Laboratories sharing my leftover specimen and clinical information with other third parties. My leftover specimen and clinical information will be assigned a unique code before any secondary uses. My name or other personal identifying information will not be used in or linked to my specimen and clinical information when they are shared with third parties unless I explicitly authorize that disclosure. Furthermore, the leftover specimen will become the property of Birdrock Laboratories. The specimen(s) could lead to discoveries or inventions that may be of value to Birdrock Laboratories or to other organizations. I do not have any right to money or other compensation stemming from products that may be developed from the specimens unless expressly required under applicable state law.